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Get The Gist™

May 10, 2012 9 comments

HulloMail promotes convenience. What with the sending, receiving and sharing of your voicemails being an instant process, would it be possible to make our app even better? After hearing the feedback from our loyal consumers, we came up with a solution to make the receiving and checking of voicemails an even simpler process. This is an exciting moment for us all, as we can now proudly introduce our new and long-anticipated transcription feature, Scribe™ !

ImageScribe™ is HulloMail’s new transcription service, which has a fun and interesting product under its name –  Get The Gist™, which transcribes the first 10 seconds of your voicemails, using only machines (yes no humans), to give you the gist of what the message is about, before you’ve even listened to it. Ten seconds may not sound like a lot, however it only takes a few words to express a message, so Get The Gist™ has you perfectly covered. Picture how useful this will be where it’s inconvenient to pick up the phone, have a glance at your received message and … get the gist of it! Simple.

Available only to subscribers, Scribe – Get The Gist™ can be purchased via the in-app store for £1.49 for up to 50 messages, over 30 days. That’s $1.99 in the US and €1.59 in Ireland. As with other transcription services, Scribe™ aims for the most accurate transcriptions possible, however external factors have an influence and may affect the transcription of messages – a bad phone line for example.

Enjoy the new feature! It’s going to completely change how you experience your voicemail service, in a totally awesome way.

Natalie Bell


If you live for as long as 1000 years, I will personally high five you.

November 21, 2011 Leave a comment

A good morning to you all! Would you like 1000 years’ free subscription to HulloMail SmartVoicemail? Well, we certainly aren’t just going to give it to you. Whatever gave you that idea? The good news is that this is still something of a possibility with our new Voucher Code feature.

All you have to do is take a look at your automatically-generated Voucher Code (found under ‘Settings’, then under ‘Invite’ in the HulloMail app), then press the ‘Select and Invite’ button to give this to your friends and family, get them to sign up to our service using the code, and for every 5 people you sign up you’ll get 6 months’ free subscription to HulloMail SmartVoicemail and all it’s features – it’s just that easy!

The best part is there’s no limit to how many months’ subscription you can build up, so go crazy with those invitations people! If you want those 1000 years: there’s 166[ish] sets of 6 months in 1000 years, and you need 5 people a time to sign up – that’s around 830 loved ones you need to get in touch with right this instant and send your code. Or is it more people than that? Or is that actually 1000 months? I don’t know, I’m not in this job because I’m a mathematician. Also, once your invited friends have signed up they’ll receive a code too, and can get 5 other friends to sign up and get their 6 months’ free subscription, and those people can get a code and … you get the idea there.

This feature is currently available for Android, it will soon become available to those of you with an iPhone or a BlackBerry device – so you can stop that panicking right now.

Natalie Bell