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>HulloMail joins BlackBerry Alliance Program and releases latest version of BlackBerry App V1.1.2

March 1, 2010 Leave a comment


London, UK – HulloMail™ (, voice communications innovator, today announced it has become a member of the BlackBerry ISV (Independent Software Vendor) Alliance Program.  Participation in the alliance program deepens the product development and marketing relationship between HulloMail, which develops and markets a free, advanced voice messaging application optimized for BlackBerryâ smartphone users, and BlackBerry-maker Research In Motion (RIM).
“Membership in the BlackBerry Alliance Program demonstrates HulloMail’s continued commitment to growing the technical feature set specifically for BlackBerry smartphone users,” said Andy Munarriz, founder and CEO of HulloMail.  “HulloMail’s recently enhanced app delivers everything that a smartphone user wants from a visual voicemail service, plus the added bonus of our powerful new two-way digital audio messaging capability, Hullos. We are receiving great feedback from our UK and US users and we’re excited to be working closely with RIM through the alliance program to make our advanced voice messaging service key to BlackBerry smartphone users.”


As a BlackBerry Alliance Select member, HulloMail can gain access to additional marketing, sales and technical resources on the BlackBerry platform. 
For further information, visit or to download the latest release of HulloMail via BlackBerry App World™ go to:
About HulloMail’s App for BlackBerry Smartphones:
HulloMail offers BlackBerry smartphone users a free visual voicemail application.  Features include a centralised view and management of messages with push notifications, automatic downloading and Bluetooth® support, plus unique message syncing capabilities with email compliant accounts such as Gmail, MobileMe and Microsoft® Exchange that provides an enhanced level of integration, especially with Google contacts. 
The free app also incorporates the new Hullo technology, enabling subscribers to send short digital voice messages to friends, family and colleagues without having to make a call.  HulloMail believes that Hullos will dramatically change the future of voice communication as they allow users to converse back and forth with other smartphone users, domestically or overseas, if desired, for free.* 
* Your mobile operator may charge for sending a Hullo if you exceed your monthly data allowance or you are roaming.
About HulloMail™
HulloMail™ develops and delivers smart voice messaging services for the consumer and enterprise markets.  The technology is the fastest, easiest and most flexible way for mobile users to manage their voicemail from virtually any mobile device – and the only cross platform, carrier agnostic offering to deliver the power of free two-way digital audio voice messaging, Hullos.  For more information, visit          
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The BlackBerry and RIM families of related marks, images and symbols are the exclusive properties and trademarks of Research In Motion Limited.

>Comments from around the Web

February 4, 2010 2 comments

>We are really pleased, as people seem to be getting as excited about our service as we are, with this is mind we thought we would put together some of the great comments and reviews we have had about the service over recent months, enjoy!

I just got done setting up Hullomail and surprisingly I like this app A LOT. Very easy to set up, very good graphics and shows a picture next to whoever left you a voice mail or a missed call and very fast at receiving voice mails unlike VVM from Verizon which sometimes took an Hour to come through!” – mjbesen310, CrackBerry Forums

“Hullomail is really good…even sends you an email with a link to listen to your voicemail as an mp3. Definitely recommend to anyone […]”- luckster28, Vodafone Forums

The service is called Hullomail and it has been invaluable.  It is a free of charge mobile service which enables recordings of voice mails to be emailed to my gmail or mobileme account. One of the best features is the ability to send a Hullo (voice mail) directly back to a person without having to phone them (Great just to reply to a question that needs more explaining than a txt). If you […] want visual voice mail download the app and register for the service.” Kristian Toms

Some app store reviews:

“Just wanted to say thanks for making a brilliant app – I wasn’t getting any voicemail alerts through Vodafone and unbeknown to me I had 4 voicemail – one of them very important. HulloMail! works just great and I left a post on the Vodafone eForum to advise people how good it is.” – Chris, HulloMail user

I just used your website steps to install hullomail onto my iphone 3gs. Simple, accurate, quick, easy – free. Well structured and thought out, pretty and it works superbly, quickly, no fuss. Great app and service thank you– Neil, HulloMail user

I have a BBTour and was disappointed it did not have visual voicemail…..Until I found this app. Its fabulous! It was a piece of cake to install and set up – I love it. A definite must have.” – BlackBerry user

“Miffed you don’t have visual voicemail on your iPhone? Get this. The email sync feature is great too – you receive an email with the voicemail message attached as a quicktime MP3 and, when you have read it, the corresponding message in the voicemail app is marked as read too. Don’t know what it’s like when roaming although they seem to have made provision for this.” jtorange, iPhone user

“Allows me to manage my voicemails with ease, brillant!” yppirtos, iPhone user

Brilliant! I went from PhoneFusion to this as this one has push voicemail and displays them in my notification bar. This certainly rivals the iPhone.” Glenn, Android user

why not see if you agree with these reviews and try the service for yourself?

Download HulloMail for BlackBerry

Download HulloMail for iPhone

also available for the Android

>OMTP Proposes Visual Voice Mail Standards – and re-invent email?!

May 8, 2009 1 comment

>The OMTP recently issued a recommendation document which defines an open and standardised interface between Visual Voice Mail (VVM) clients and voice mail servers. Those who have reported it suggest that a key recommendation within the document is for the industry to implement a VVM protocol based on IMAP4.

So the OMTP is proposing that a visual voicemail client shoud be a souped up email client that connects to the voicemail server using IMAP4, making the voicemail server essentially an email server.

Its good to finish the week knowing all our hard work to date fits this proposed open standard – HulloMail is an email based solution. However the recommendation by the OMTP is a customisation of IMAP4 and by virtue suggest a parallel universe to the already prevelant spec used by email clients and servers.

I suggest the key recommendation is their proposed standard for the definition of message types such as voicemail (voice-email) or videomail (video-email). In my ideal world we would have one client that would optimise the inteface/experience according to the message type rather than have multiple clients for different message types. Just with this approach existing email clients could be extended to produce the desired effect.

What puzzles me is why the OMTP would suggest customising IMAP4 instead of say a simpler XML based protocol via a middle layer which in turn connects to the voicemail server via standard IMAP4? The OMTP approach does not help operators that may desire to have network based business logic associated to their VVM solution, e.g. to implement charging mechanisms. Going direct to the message store can also squew the performance on the voicemail servers that are already under heavy call completion loads.

Could it be advisors to the OMTP have already developed these VVM clients and are trying to sell this approach to the operators and handset manufacturers by claiming they are the first to follow the new proposed open spec?

if you want to read more: