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HulloMail for your business

Throughout these last few weeks, there has been emphasis placed on how HulloMail benefits you on an individual level. While this is important (and also very true), HulloMail of course is not strictly limited to personal use. Businesses have found HulloMail to be incredibly efficient when it comes to flowing and uninterrupted voice communications.

The opening quote up there comes from Anna Smee, the director of Hundred. Within the Hundred consultation group, communication heavily relies on the use of smartphones, in order to respond to clients quickly. This is why the ability to receive important messages that would otherwise be lost or delayed when data connection is low or non-existent, is crucial. When it comes to the benefits of using HulloMail within their business, Smee comments: “We can now respond to our customers and our colleagues much more rapidly, and crucially more reliably. We are no longer at the mercy of the mobile phone networks’ coverage and have improved capacity to deliver even greater customer service.”

The second case study, which can also be found here on our website, involves a business that relies on similar requirements. Call-handling is a situation that can quickly become complicated when communications become interrupted – the team at A Suit That Fits found that HulloMail ensured that all customer enquiries were received and resolved immediately, as the HulloMail service is used to take calls where the Customer Service team are unable to get to the phone. Warren Bennett has expressed his satisfaction with: “It has become an integral element of our customer service strategy, and we rely on it daily to help us deliver the very best service to our customers. Using HulloMail has increased productivity of our Customer Service team as they are able to prioritise calls effectively.”

You don’t have to be a specific type of business to reap the advantages of the HulloMail service. You don’t have to be a specific type of person either, that’s the beauty of HulloMail’s dynamism.

Natalie Bell

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