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This is science, people …

HulloMail puts the ‘voice’ in voice mail. That’s just scientific fact.

Not only this, but the way in which we put the ‘voice’ in voicemail ultimately means a more accessible service for everyone overall. Better than that of any other operator. That’s right, I said it. I went there.

This is especially true of the Hullo feature – it’s the ideal in instant voice messaging tools [exclusive to us] that you can use to contact people without having to suffer an entire phone call. At this point you’ve probably grabbed your computer monitor and exclaimed, “But as a HulloMail user, I already know about this feature. We all know about it. Why are you mentioning it again? Who do you think you are?? Was that the doorbell?? WHO AM I??”

The reason I bring up this well-known feature again is to ensure that you are all getting the most out of it as is humanly possible. It’s a key feature within the HulloMail phone app, and has an incredible amount of possible uses and benefits. We just want you to have the best of the service!

Our still-running competition, as you know, encourages you all to use the Hullo feature. Judging by the entries we have received so far, it isn’t hard to see that Hullos are extremely fun to record, a dynamic and versatile message medium and much faster than composing a text message. It is in this light that we encourage you all to make the most of Hullos – perhaps begin by sending us your entry to the competition? This iPad 2 WiFi isn’t going to win itself [it would be a conflict of interest].

Natalie Bell

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