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HulloMail’s top ten tips for festival goers!

Welcome to the second of our new series of blog posts.  HulloMail’s top ten tips have been written to give you some more ideas about HulloMail in certain situations.  If you think we’ve missed an obvious one, or have a suggestion as to some top ten tips you would like to see please let us know.

With Glastonbury now in full swing our thoughts turn to the festival season, including mud, strange toilet arrangements and the obligatory crowd surfing! However a word of caution: when you’re packing the tent, wellies and wet-weather gear, don’t forget your trusty HulloMail SmartVoicemail App, and here’s why: 

1. If you are attending one of the many festivals taking place outside of the UK remember roaming can be costly, so to minimise these changes we suggest forwarding all your voicemails to HulloMail and keeping your mobile turned off during your trip. Then, by only checking your messages via email when connected to a free Wi-Fi hotspot, you are able to avoid the nasty charges

2. We realise that keeping your phone switched off may not be the solution for all so you can also disable data roaming and still use your app via free Wi-Fi

3. Unfortunately traffic jams are sometimes an inevitable part of that great festival experience so why not keep all your passengers entertained by getting them to record individual voicemail greetings for each of your contacts to let them know you’re off to see some great live acts? (obviously only do this if it is safe to use your mobile and you’re stationary)

4. Festivals take place over a vast area – Glastonbury, for example, covers 900 acres. So don’t forget to use the Hullo feature in the app (Hullos are short, instant voice messages you can send for free) so that you can share with your fellow revellers your whereabouts before missing something amazing on the main stage

5. If you’re listening to a great on-stage collaboration, don’t forget to record these as Hullos and share them to your Facebook wall along with those revealing festival photos – be the envy of all your non-festival going friends!

6. The worst thing happens and in all the partying you mis-place your mobile! As a HulloMail user you can get all your missed calls and voicemails in your email or via My HulloMail online, giving you peace of mind until you get a replacement sorted

7. Haven’t got time to speak to your mum? Give her your personal HulloMail number*(available for UK users only) so she can leave you a voicemail without making a call

8. If your battery is empty, don’t despair. Many of the larger festivals now have Wifi available, so you can check your messages and missed calls by email or online via My HulloMail 

9.  Make sure you’ve recorded individual greetings to tell your mates where you’re camping or where you’ve parked – just in case your phone gets buried in all the mud!

10. Finally have a great time and don’t forget the dry shampoo and baby wipes!


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