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We’ve added caller-based greetings to our Android and BlackBerry apps

Today we’ve launched a brand new individual greeting feature on our SmartVoicemail™ apps, giving you the freedom to record and assign personalised greetings to an unlimited number of specific contacts; perfect if you want work colleagues to get different greetings to your friends and family.

This new feature, initially available on the paid-for Android and BlackBerry apps in the UK, US and Ireland, will soon be available for the iPhone app in May 2011.

We’re proud to be the first provider to offer a personalised caller-based greeting feature for BlackBerry and Android devices in the UK.

Andy, the Boss, said, “Whilst a voicemail greeting of ‘Wassup!’ might be right for your friends, it’s not necessarily going to be well received by your boss or an important client! Now, our HulloMail SmartVoicemail™ apps allow you to set an individual greeting for any contact, providing a personalised touch for anyone choosing to leave you a voicemail.”

This new individual greeting feature is simple to use: via the app, subscribers simply record a greeting and assign it to a chosen contact in their address book.  This can be done for an unlimited number of contacts and is easy to update at any time. In addition, we’ve extended the length of voicemail messages for all our apps, meaning messages of up to five minutes can now also be left.

Andy added: “This new feature provides a great way to pass on an important message to someone, even if you are unable to speak with them directly at the time they call. For your Mum, you can say ‘Hey Mum, I’ll meet you at the cafe at 11am, seeya!’ and for a client, you can record ‘Hi Mike, I’m in a meeting right now and so will return your call this afternoon, many thanks’. It’s an easy way to deliver a highly personalised message, at no extra cost.”

This feature is available on the paid-for Android and BlackBerry apps which you can download from the app stores for an introductory fee of £3.99 in the UK, €5.49 in Ireland and $6.99 in the USA.

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