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>HulloMail now allows you to share voicemails and Hullos with your facebook friends!


We are please to announced the launch of version 3.0 of our Androidapplication, which sees the introduction of a number of major new updates to this popular smart voicemail and instant voice messaging app.
For the firsttime, our users can now share voicemails and instant voice messagesdirectly onto their Facebook wall from within the app at the press of a button.Friends can then listen to the message in a click on Facebook. This featureprovides a more personal way to keep in contact with friends, by allowing themto hear tone of voice and real emotion instead of simply reading text-basedposts.  Every had an hilarious voicemail you’ve wanted to share with friends?  Well, now you can.
Andy Munarriz, our founder and CEO, said: “We have made it really easy to sharevoicemails and voice messages directly with Facebook, adding a completely newdimension to voicemail and the social networking experience. Next time you geta priceless voicemail, you can share it with your Facebook wall immediately; Ithink we might even be the first on the planet to make it this easy! Voicemailwill never be the same again. Our latest Android app is the first to have thisability; it has also been re-worked from the ground up and is now a faster andmore polished experience.”
The ability to share on facebook is a configurable option, so you can turn this ON or OFF depending on your preference.
The HulloMailiPhone app will be the next to include the new Facebook Share feature – detailswill be announced soon.
To downloadHulloMail’s free Android app, version 3.0, and get sharing visit The AndroidMarket on your mobile phone and search for HulloMail.
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