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>Last night smart voicemail saved my life!!


Ok a touch dramatic I know but seriously what a life saver the service is.
I use the HulloMail service on my iPhone, one of the main benefits for me, personally, was being able to listen to my messages in the order I want and not listen to that annoying announcer telling me to press 3 and then 4 blah blah.
This past weekend I went away for a lovely break, on the journey home however I realised I had left my iPhone at the hotel!  I was too near home to turn back but I couldn’t be without my iPhone.  I use this device for work and I was also in the middle of a particularly challenging game of solitaire!
That’s where the caped crusader I like to call HulloMail came in.  I quickly realised that the situation was not as dire as I originally thought because everything, missed calls, voicemails and Hullos, gets sent to my email as well as to to my app, because I have set up my email as my message store so I wasn’t going to miss any important calls or messages. 
Other plus was no-one in the office realised I had left my phone behind which gave me enough time to arrange to collect it!  Good excuse for another weekend away…

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