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>HulloMail™ launches Hullo technology for Android phones with its latest release


We are pleased to announce the launch of our version 2.2Android app. The enhanced app builds on the existing voicemail and features thenew Hullo instant voice messaging technology, which has already been a big hitwith our iPhone and BlackBerry users. 

‘Hullos’ are short voice messages that enableusers to reply to a voicemail or to send new instant voice messages withouthaving to make a phone call.  As aHulloMail subscriber, most Android Smartphone users cannow enjoy this powerful two-way digital messaging capability free of charge,both locally and overseas*, when they download the enhanced HulloMail app.  
Andy Munarriz, our founder & CEO, said: “Our goal at HulloMailis focused on buildingout voicemail into two way voice messaging. We are driven by impulses to speak.All modes of communication have their uses but voice is still up there as oneof the clearest, if not the clearest form of communication. Hullos streamline voice messaging for the SmartPhone generation makingvoice as simple as texting or emailing.” 

In addition to incorporating Hullos, the Android app also offers users the option to displaymissed calls, the opportunity to copy messages directly to registered email addressesand also the ability to access existing messages whilst offline. The servicecontinues to offer unique message syncing capabilities with email compliantaccounts, such as Gmail. 

The HulloMail Android app is currentlyavailable to both UK and US users and can be downloaded for free from theHulloMail Web site at http://www.hullomail.com or from the Android marketplace. 

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