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>The Future of Voicemail – sponsored by HulloMail


As posted by Ewan this morning, the Future of Voicemail Video Series is coming soon to Mobile Industry Review, which HulloMail are happy to sponsor.
Ewan approached us about the series, as he had for a long time been pondering the possibilities of the medium of voicemail, which he felt had been over looked for years.  We all rely on it daily and according to a recent article in The Times, us Brits alone spend more than 25 billion minutes each year leaving or listening to voicemail.  Which begs the question why do so many of us put up with the archaic service we’ve had for years.
This question and more we will aim to answer through the upcoming Future of Voicemail Video Series.
The format will be this: Ewan will be interviewing five leading minds in the mobile and technology field on camera over the next few weeks. He’ll be asking them to comment on the history of the industry, the technology in use today and to speculate on what they see as the next steps for the medium. We’re aiming for one video each week, starting in the next few weeks.

If you’ve any questions, drop Ewan a note: ewan@mobileindustryreview.com.
Watch this space for some behind the scenes exclusive insights.

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