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>Ten reasons why you would send a Hullo and not text

>Goodbye text, Hello Hullo!  
We believe this clever feature of our visual voicemail app, currently available for iPhone and BlackBerry, is going to start a communication revolution, and with these reasons – why wouldn’t it?

Ten reasons why?
1. It’s free
2. You don’t have to worry about your spellings, unlike with text
3. Recipients aren’t going to misinterpret the tone of your message as they can hear your voice
4. It’s quicker to compose and send than a text
5. You know it is definitely from the person who sent it
6. Sometimes it’s nice to hear someone’s voice
7. You don’t have to find your glasses to read a screen
8. No more text speak to translate so you can communicate across the generations!
9. You don’t have to know the persons mobile number to send a Hullo – email is enough
10. Live in the UK but have friends in the US? – you can send Hullos for free across the Atlantic if you both HulloMail

What is a Hullo?
A Hullo is a short voice message which you can send to your friends and your family for free*.  It’s like a voicemail message but without the original call.
A Hullo can be sent to one person or a group of people*.  You can use it to simply say Hullo or update a community of individuals with a message.  

That sounds cool, how do I get this?
The HulloMail app with the Hullo feature is available for the BlackBerry and the iPhone, you can access  the respective stores using the links below.  HulloMail is also available as an app for Android however the current version does not support Hullos, this is coming soon.

My friends aren’t HulloMail users, can I still send them Hullos?
No problem, you don’t need to be a HulloMail subscriber to receive Hullos the only difference would be where the Hullo is delivered and the ability to reply. Of course the best experience is when they are users as well as the Hullos are delivered straight to their phone.

How do I pronouce HulloMail?
With a Scottish accent say hulooo Mail…

Get the BlackBerry app
Get the iPhone app
visit our website

Your mobile operator may charge for sending a Hullo if you exceed your monthly data allowance or you are roaming.
* Group distribution of Hullos is currently only available on the iPhone

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