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>HulloMail’s iPhone app adds ‘free’ audio messaging to its visual voicemail service

>We believe that one of the features of our new iPhone application, which we are also bringing to our BlackBerry and Android apps in the coming weeks, is where the interesting story begins.

This is the Hullo feature.  This allows users to create and send voicemails for free but without the initial call.  These Hullos can be sent to an individual or to groups.  
There are many benefits to this type of communication such as:-
– Quick communication without the need to text 
– Users can hear the tone of someones voice which is missed in text communication which often leads to mis-intrepretation
– You don’t need to worry about your spelling!
– Free of charge as uses data
– International – a user in the UK can send a Hullo to someone in the US free of charge
– Broadcast to a community of people. We are beginning trials with local business and universities, watch this space for the first case studies.
– Hullos are a safer option to receive while on the move as you can’t read a text while driving
and the list goes on…..
As you can see we believe the service we offer is much more than a Visual Voicemail iPhone app and think the news is in the development of this feature which will allow users to communicate in a new way for free.  The guys at Tech Crunch obviously agree, check out their latest article.
We have filmed some videos of the application in action, click here
If you have an iPhone why not try the app for yourself, click here
We are looking for you special, funniest Hullos.  The best ones we will publish on our own website (www.hullomail.com) as an example to others, make them good…
Send your Hullos to +447545620266 or to hulloandy@hullomail.com

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