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>Google Contacts for everyone and HulloMail web portal for US subscribers

>Today sees the release of both Google Contacts integration for all HulloMail subscribers and the HulloMail web portal for US subscribers.

Google Contacts

Up until now only HulloMail users that had a GMail/GoogleMail account with ‘HulloMail Sync’ enabled were able to benefit from having contact information from Google Contacts associated with their HulloMail messages.

Now we have added further integration with Google that allows any HulloMail user, no matter what type of email account they have configured to store their HulloMail messages in, to enable Google Contacts support and enjoy the same experience.

This feature is simply enabled through the ‘Contacts’ settings screen in the Android mobile app. There the user is redirected to Google for authentication and then authorisation of HulloMail to access their contacts. Enabling this feature will soon also be possible through the HulloMail web portal.

HulloMail web portal

Like their UK counterparts, existing US subscribers can now access and manage both their HulloMail messages and account settings through the HulloMail user web portal while away from their phone.

The HulloMail team.

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